David Icke Dot-Connector: EP4 (Friday Dec 20, 2013)

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David Icke talks with Richie Allen about the unconnected events portrayed by the media. He connects the dots in order to reveal the hidden narrative behind t…

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December 20, 2013

ian pennack

Controlling humans is difficult because of the recombination frequency at
meiosis, conception. It has been estimated that the recombination frequency
is approximately 25 while mutation is about 2. All those genes up to 4000
base pairs, inter-sexually crossing over creates our human uniqueness and
genius, but also has side effects that weaken mankind. Natural selection
has given us a survival means, to escape from dominance and we must start
to use our uniqueness instead of condemning those who don’t fit in. 

December 21, 2013

Peter Pan

This is the best D-C until now David. What a revelation!!!


I have been listening to David for a while now and I am really starting to
believe what he says. It is all I think about!

Am I going mad? Should I go to the doctor to get some pills?

I always joke in you-tube comments this time I am not.

Kenneth Erikson

You all enjoy to call everyone not believing this shit for sheeps, while
you eat everything this guy tells you, without thinking twice. Furthermore,
without a shred of evidence. Oh, the irony. But hey, i enjoy watching

Patrick Jensen

awesome show love TPV keep up the great flow of information to the awakened
and hopefully it will spike the critical mind of the sleepers


December 22, 2013

Karen Santamaria

Awesome david !! Keep it up!!! Always interesting your topics


Absolutely agree with what David said about the coming police state and
increase in surveillance with the excuse of crime being the so-called
problem. So many times you hear people (especially older people) say that
you never see police on the street like you used to, which I think has been
deliberately curbed to allow crime to run rampant, thus, allowing an angry
reaction from people with words like “there’s too much crime on our
streets, where’s the police when you need them?”, and then of course
changes in law happen and they bring an excuse of more aggressive &
authoritarian policing to society (which they were after all along) – what
we would call the police state.


I really do wish David would stop referring to Heath as Ted Heath, why does
he keep saying Ted Heath when he was always known as Edward Heath?. Is
David scared of someone filing a lawsuit against him or something?; people
are going to think he is referring to the musician Ted Heath and not the
politician. I’ve never heard Edward Heath being named Ted before David
mentioned it. It’s the same when he says Father George Bush & Boy George
Bush; stop saying that, use their real name for godssake. Another note:
David mentioned the Queen Mother etc living into their 90s because they
have access to cures we don’t have; that doesn’t prove anything because
there are a hell of alot of elderly people who are living well into their
80s, 90s & 100s that have little or no illnesses, more than they used to
be, but we know they haven’t got access to special treatment or cures. It
is down to luck.


Another great point of David when he mentioned about getting people used to
violence in films, pornography, etc. Whether this is a connection, but it
always amazes me how or why films, after a certain period (say after the
1960s) became more violent and had more profanity in them; you look at any
classic Hollywood or British film in the 1940s, 50s, 70 – up until the mid
70s and you will notice none of them had any swearing in them or were
seriously realistically violent. Suddenly after the 60s you had an increase
in film censorship which allowed this material to flood in to the public
consciousness. These things can be used to create problems in society.

December 23, 2013



Pierre Larochelle

David Icke is definitely one of the best and most knowledgeable speakers in
the world.

Thanks David for waking up humanity!

Philip Licinio

A lot of what David says is true…

Alessandro Guimarães



through knowledge intervene. :)

December 24, 2013

Diannah Clem

David Icke Connecting the Dots that Reveal the Narrative Behind the Global
Domination Agenda for the NWO



Philip Licinio

in reply to ahiga4545 comment the 90% of what David says is true…lets
focus on that..its enough to be getting on with for the moment!!

Philip Licinio

With total respect vastell im not sure what you mean..are you saying i
havent done any research?
All the best!

Philip Nolson

I connected the Dots in my sisters Jackie magazine back in 1968 and I
finished up making a picture of Paul Mc Cartney. 

Orwell-ian Eye

Outstanding work Mr Icke. We salute you :-)

December 25, 2013


Cure for Cancer = Cannabis oil


I know the Bilderberg group I know that they are all about. 

Jorge Eduardo González



David Icke thinks Russian President Vladimir Putin was put into power by
interdemensional Lizards. He thinks these Lizards are playing off Obama and
Putin against eachother. You can see in his recent book, “Remember Who you
Are” there’s a picture in there where he has leaders on a checkerboard type
thing with a lizard placing different leaders on the checkerboard. He think
Putin is with the Illuminati, even though Putin started the news station
“Russia Today” which is exposing the Illuminati. You won’t hear him talk
about this though.

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